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Shell Stitch Sewing Machine

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Shell Stitch Sewing Machine

Shell Stitch Sewing Machine

Product Parameters

Product Name Shell Stitch Sewing Machine
Item No. CW-27 (M)
Supply Type Sell
Category Office Supplies > Office Equipment > Binding Machine

Detailed Product Description

● The CW-27 Medium size shell stitch machine, suitable for light to heavy fabrics such as overcoats, blankets, wherever a shellstitch is appropriciate.
● The number of stitches per shell is changeable by moving the one - touch lever on the frame cap and moving the edge guide ( 4 or 8 stitches pro shell). It is possible to produce plain crochet stitches with this machine.
● The CW-27 ( M) high speed shell stitch machine sews an astounding 4-8 shells per inch, creating the tightest and most beautiful stitch for garment edges.
● The shell (clam) Stitch Overlock Sewing Machine can create shells on both light and heavy materials such as blanket, cushion, socks, bags, sweaters, wooden yard, overcoats and etc. In which there have the number of stitches per shell-1, 4 and 8 needle-stitch shells. They also have different type of sizes; it can be changed by moving the one-touch lever on the frame cap simultaneously moving the edge guide.

Max stitch width: 20 mm
Needle system: DBX1 #19~22 / DP*5 #18
Max sewing speed:1700/min
Stitch Overedge Width: 9 mm
Sewable Thickness : 5 mm
Height of presser foot: 7mm
Number of Needle : 1 needle + 1 latch needle
Stitch Pattern: 1 or 2


Max. Sewing 
Speed (s.p.m.) 

Zigzag stitch width 

Overedge Width 

Presser Height (mm)


Stitch Pattern

Sewable Thickness

CW-38 Large


20 mm



DBX1 #19~24

DPX5 #18

1 or 2

6 mm

CW-27 Medium



9 mm

6 mm

DBX1 #19~24

DPX5 #18

1 or 2

5 mm

CW-17 Small



6 mm

5 mm

DCX1 #19~21

1 or 2

2.8 mm


CW-27-4 needle

CW-27-8 Needle

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