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Flex PCB

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Flex PCB

Flex PCB

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Product Name Flex PCB
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Detailed Product Description

1. Rigid flex circuits (rigid-flex circuit boards) are boards that are made of Rigid circuits and Flex circuits & circuitries. The Rigid circuits are connected with single or multiple flex, inside or outside of Flex circuit layer, so it enjoys the advantage of both Rigid FR4 PCB and Flex circuit.
2. The vital parts is the flex circuits which connect the Rigid PCs, and it is one layer or multi layers. Right now, we can make the rigid-flex circuits over 10 layers.
3. Rigid-flex PCB is differentiated from multi-layer circuits with stifferners by having conductor on the rigid layers. Plated through holes extend through both rigid and flexible layers.
4. We can provide fast prototype, on time delivery, great quality for you.
5. These are known for their unmatched quality and excellent performance.

Our products are widely used in electronic assembly and other similar applications.
Our PCBs are far-reaching to overseas market with a wide range of applications in different industries such as LED lighting, computer, telecommunications, digital product, automobile, apparatus and meters, medical instrument, military and aerospace, etc.

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