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Double Bed Knitting Machine

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Double Bed Knitting Machine

Double Bed Knitting Machine

Product Parameters

Product Name Double Bed Knitting Machine
Item No. TY-DK-C4J / TY-DK-C6J
Supply Type Sell
Category Textiles,Leather > Textile Machinery > Terry Knitting Machine

Detailed Product Description

Double Jersey 4 / 6 Colors Auto Striper With Jacquard
Circular Knitting Machine

Diameter:30”~ 38”
Gauge:10G ~ 28G

Product Description:
* Unique design of color selector patented in many countries, compact structure, less fluff.
* Patented yarn cutting system of color selector is durable for long-term use, stable color selecting.
* 3-way actuator for computerized needle selecting system (knit, miss, tuck) to knit the jacquard pattern in stable performance.
* Simple computer system is user-friendly design for easy learning and operation, absolutely reliable to stripe and knit jacquard patterns simultaneously.
* Unique patented double hook yarn feeder for excellent quality fabric.
* The rolling machine adopts step-less sections with folding function, dense and average in changing speed, large pack up extent, easy to use.
* Via the utmost reliable computerized electronic color selecting hardware and software system, creates fashionable double jersey striped jacquard fabrics of the finest quality and the achievement of maximum productivity.

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