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Motor Scooter Windshield

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Motor Scooter Windshield

Motor Scooter Windshield

Product Parameters

Product Name Motor Scooter Windshield
Item No. scooter windshield-102302
Supply Type Sell
Category Automobile > Exterior Accessories > Scooter Windshield

Detailed Product Description

Design concept:
Changeable style: Change your preferred windshield anytime.
Patented adjustable feature: Anti-fall-off design, and adjustable angle.
Unique fashion style: Perfect arc, streamline shape for the line of motorbike.
Solid structure: Iron parts combine with strengthened plastic material. Effectively anti-seismic design.
Impact resistance shield: High penetrability/ Durable industrial PC and won't be broken easily.
Scratch and water resistant: Hardener coated on both surface of the windshield, clear line of sight in rainy day, won't be scratched easily, and easy to clean.
Non acute-angle Design: No exposed screws and plates to prevent from accidental injury.

1.How many types do you have?
A:There are 2 types now, and we are working on other types currently as well.
2.How many colors do you have?
A:There are three different colors. Black, blue and pink.
3.Does the colored windshield affect the sight at night?
A:Not at all! It had been tested at night, the penetrability is excellent!
4.Which kind of motorbike is suitable for it?
A:It can be assembled to any motorbike that the hole spacing is between both of the rear-view mirrors in 42cm.
5.How about the range of safe speed ?
A:You can drive safely with the windshield under 100km/hr, but don't forget to follow the traffic rules!
6.Do I still need to buy other accessories?
A:No need, the package comes with all the accessories you need.
7.What is the material made of?
A:TEIJIN PC from Japan , high impact resistance material
8.PC material will not broken easily under normal condition.
9.Will it been worn down easily?
A:No, normal PC material can be worn down easily, but our windshield is made of high quality PC material and hardener coated on both surface of the windshield, that's why it's easy for maintenance and wipe.
10.How to assemble it to motorbike?
A:It can be done simply in 5 minutes. Each package comes with User's manual. Besides, assembled by retailers is also recommended.
11.Are you exporter, agent or manufacturer?
A: We are manufacturer, our product is designed and developed by ourselves as well as the mold, including produce, assembling and marketing like one continuous line service.
12.DM are available! You can also see our website for more info.
13.How many is the MOQ ?
A:50 sets for export or separated discussion
14.Do you have warranty?
A:6 months.
15.Does the product pass any test or have any certificate?
A: Yes, there were no cracks, shake and fallen parts after tested by more stringent standard 10G by professional safety inspection, when the normal standard rule is only 1G-7G
16.This product was also tested by real driving! Everything is under good condition!
17.What products do you produce mostly?
A:Motorcycle Windshield、headlight mould and focus in plastic mould.
18.Where do you produce the windshield?
A:Taiwan, Tainan city.
19.How long is the delivery date? Can you do urgent delivery?
A: About 1 month/ Yes, we can discuss the details.
20.How much wind can be blocked by a small windshield?
A:The design purpose of this windshield is not for wind block, but for comfort passenger comfort.
21.Is it not burglarproof?
A:It is hard to predict the unexpected events, so please try to choose a safe parking area.
22.Is it unnecessary to install a windshield, when people have a helmet with goggles?
A:Helmet can not block insects, sand, industrial pollution and so on to get on upper part of the body.
23.Does the windshield affect the line of vision and driving safety?
A:As A pillar blocks the line of vision when driving, normally people will have sense of safety after getting used to it.
24.Will people get more serious injuries with the windshield installed when accidents happen?
A:Only tradition windshield will lead to the serious situations like that.
25.Will the windshield broken or become nebulization after using for a long time?
A:The surface of the windshield had coated by hardener on both side and also anti-seismic, durability upgraded.
26.Is there any glare on the windshield?
A:Like there is a glare on the instrument panel sometimes when driving, and the angle of our windshield is adjustable depending on different situation anytime.
27.Does it break easily?
A:It is made of durable industrial PC and won't be broken easily.

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