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Anti-Mite Mattress Cover

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Anti-Mite Mattress Cover

Anti-Mite Mattress Cover

Product Parameters

Product Name Anti-Mite Mattress Cover
Item No. 9-3
Supply Type Sell
Category Textiles,Leather > Textile,Raw Material > Mattress Cover

Detailed Product Description

FOTEX Anti-Mite Mattress cover
Taiwan     R.O.C.
Weight: 65gsm ~ 100gsm
Width : 60” ~ 80”( 1524mm ~ 2032mm )
Color : White or color by demand are available, also desire printing and design are accept by demand.
Grade : Application for mattress cover, bedding cover, pillow case in order to block differ allergens.
Treatment : To meet require, additional treatment as Anti-bacteria, by physical process is available.
Threaten from different kind of allergy had already became part of our life, but one of them are sleeping with us every days to corrosion our health while we are most fragile in a deep sleep. The mites and excrement are always the main reason to cause irritation and reddish on our skin, itching or disease on our respiratory, especially the children are more easy to have allergy than adult.  How to protect ourselves and our children from the mites in mattress or pillow is a serious issue, use hot water laundering the mattress case and pillow case may an ideal and effective way; However, this cannot proceed on every day. The latest FOTEX Anti-Mite Mattress cover by Kae Hwa Industrial are made by comfortable and strong non-woven fabrics and laminated with our advance Microporous film which provide comfort and full protection from mites. The mechanical   
Hi-tech Microporous film are guarantee the porous sizes under 0.3 micron, this could easily block the mite ( 200 micron ), excrement( 10 micron ) outside of the barrier.

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