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PAR30 LED Lamps

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PAR30 LED Lamps

PAR30 LED Lamps

Product Parameters

Product Name PAR30 LED Lamps
Item No. P365A2SHC / P365A2SHW
Supply Type Sell
Category Electronic,Electrical > Lighting,Lamp > LED Lamp

Detailed Product Description

ParLux LED PAR30 are designed for future lighting, mainly to replace traditional PAR30. For jewelry shops, restaurants, bar tables, boutiques, bakeries, grocery stores, hotels, homes, bedrooms, etc. The perfect structure design can extend the life and reliability of LEDs, and it can easily save your money of repair or replacement.
Features / Advantages / Functions
(1) High power contribution
(2) High luminance design
(3) High efficiency
(4) Economic / cost saving
(5) Long life cycle
(6) No UV radiation
(7) Low working temperature

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