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PTC Heat

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PTC Heat

PTC Heat

Product Parameters

Product Name PTC Heat
Item No. PTC Air Heater - Installation Suggestion A
Supply Type Sell
Category Home Appliances > Heater > PTC Heater

Detailed Product Description

Standard Single Phase Power Settings
KLC’s standard PTC Air Heaters are designed for single stage heating (full power). If require multiple power settings, please advise our Sales Representatives in advance. Please see below for standard wiring of MH, MSH, SH and TH type PTC Air Heaters

Application Notes
• The power of PTC heaters is related to the ambient thermal condition and the heat dissipation rate of the heater. When the ambient temperature is significantly higher than the reference temperature or when heat transfer is restricted, the resistance of the PTC will rise rapidly and reduces power consumption. Hence, higher the heat dissipation, higher the output power.
• High air speed is correlated with high heat dissipation rate, which results in higher power and faster temperature raise.
• Under slow air speed, heater power will decrease, however the temperature at the air outlet will be high.
• Under no air flow, the surface of the PTC fins will approach Curie temperature. The heater power will drop to 1/20 of normal power (when air speed at 6.4m/s), and stabilizes at a constant temperature.
• Under constant air flow, the increase in voltage will have little effect on the heater power.
• The surface temperature of PTC is self regulated.

TUV Certified
MH Type PTC Heaters at 1300W, 1500W, 1750W and 2200W are TUV certified.(File Number: 11000991)

Quality Standard
All our PTC Heaters (from 100V~240V) are Canada and the United State UL recognized components.
(File Number: E315621)

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