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Printing Auxiliaries

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Printing Auxiliaries

Printing Auxiliaries

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Product Name Printing Auxiliaries
Item No. IW
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Category Chemical > Textile Auxiliaries

Detailed Product Description

FH-Immortal Water is a 100% active and multi-functional crosslinking agent. If with 0. 5-3. 0%, it is added to a watery acrylic acid emulsion or polyurethane dispersion solution, its resistance to water, chemicals and high temperature and its adhesive force on a special bottom material will have obvious improvement.

1. Widely used in various kinds of printing glue, watery sizing material / bonding sizing material, with a dosage of 0. 5-3% (calculated on weight).
2. Can generally improve the adhesive force of a printing sizing material on an imporous bottom material, and strengthen the patience of the sizing material.
3. Can obviously improve the water-washing fastness of a printing coating, anti-adhesive effect and resistance to high temperature.

1. The FH-Immortal Water crosslinking agent is used in a printing sizing material, and in such aspects as raising fastness, resistance to water-washing and anti-adhesive effect, its effect is 3-5 times of other dye-fixing agents.
2. Using the same process and sizing material, you can print a slice of nylon or chemical fiber cloth. Then try out 1% of the FH -Immortal Water, add a sizing material and print a pattern location. Meanwhile, use 3% of another dye-fixing agent to print another chips of bottom cloth. After it is dry and after hot pressing, do various tests on viscidity, fastness, etc, and you will find that after using the FH- Immortal Water, every performance will be obviously superior to the effect of other fixing agents.
3. If you do a destructive test after spreading for 24 hours, you will get the most ideal effect.

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