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At www.printmachines.net, we specialize in building corrugated carton printing & multifunction machines, with 30 year plus tremendous experiences and the sophistication out of the steady R&D of our top notch expertise team. Today www.printmachines.net boasts a clientele throughout two continentals Asia such as China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam in addition to domestic market in Taiwan, and Africa such a South Africa, just mention a few. We keep building not only customers but especially the customer-centered reputation ever since 1981 the establishment of www.printmachines.net Enterprise and 1988 the expansion and reinvention into Long Shine Machines.
www.printmachines.net puts emphasis on precision in color registration, better functions, lower waste ratio, and especially user centered operating practice. The performance features largely shortened down time, higher carton quality and productivity. On top of these, the machine leads the way in the market with its structural strength, parts and components durability, precision and span of service life unmatched worldwide.
At www.printmachines.net, we put into shoes of customers before, during and after using the machine, with “refining, reinventing and innovation” in mind all the times. To be best positioned for you, we are dedicated under our vision “Customer above all and Quality first.” www.printmachines.net is definitely your only choice when it comes to new niche and competing strength in the market.
“Survive, strive and thrive” that best tell how www.printmachines.net has operated in the last 3 decades despite the global economical regressions, economic bulbs in Asia, and worldwide financial tsunami, and keeps leading the way with good name and customer loyalty. You might want to know that www.printmachines.net is Dun and Bradstreet International Business Certification certified.
www.printmachines.net machine is a great choice when you want it all: buy smart, run satisfactorily, and benefits overwhelmingly, at the same time.

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