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Company Introduction

Invested to Won-Top Electronics Co., Ltd. in 1992 to further development strategy, with wafer fab and manufacturing facilities, provide broad range of Automotive Rectifiers, Schottky Rectifiers, Power Rectifiers, Bridge Rectifiers, Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVSs), and Diodes.
www.ledoutdoorlightstw.com was established in 1996, principally engaged in the customize manufacturing of Digital Camera battery Chargers, high recommendations coming from our international OEM clients such as NIKON, FUJI, CANON, KYOCERA, OLYMPUS ..etc.
As supreme shareholder, in 2001, found Adapter Technology, go into develop and produce switching power supply, adapter and LED driver; successfully improve the power efficiency upon 90%.
2007 invested in energy saving fields, started to develop LED lights; successfully improve the illuminaire efficancy upon 90lm/W.
2009 start to concentrate on green energy generator fields, and integrating LED lighting with wind-solar hybrid power generation system.
2012, driven by strong will of innovation, launch MPPT-based wind-solar hybrid battery charger.
Group Vision
Core fundamentals and a burning desire to improve are the cornerstones of our progress. With the great vision, we have chosen to be a leading force in the green industry to provide our valued customers with environment friendly products for upgrading their lifestyle.
www.ledoutdoorlightstw.com engaged in “energy saving” and “renewable energy” fields, principally developed 90 plus high efficiency power supply & battery charger. In 2008, we started to concentrate on green energy generator fields, and integrating LED lighting with wind-solar hybrid power generation systems.
Organization Mission
Innovation is the core competence of www.ledoutdoorlightstw.com International Inc. Therefore, we formed a highly experienced R&D team to study on the basis of advanced market trends and new product requirements. With the new addition of a fully computerized design task force, we can meet the fast changing demands of today’s worldwide customers in the shortest time. This helps the company to meet stringent needs and supports OEM/ODM services to reduce customers’ engineering effort and accelerate the product development process to help customers get ahead of the market competition.
Looking into the future, we invested massively in advanced manufacturing equipments and improve production process to assure all products pass the RoHS/WEEE certifications and are widely approved by global safety standards. From the ultimate LED Lights to the Wind-Solar Green Energy Generation Systems, www.ledoutdoorlightstw.com has an intelligent management system, high quality assurance providing high performance and reliability in a wide range of mission-critical-environment requirements and supports customers with the fastest time-to-market services all over the world.
Business Activities Certificates
2003 LITEONIT Approved Vender
2005 Microsoft Approved Vender
2009 Sony Approved Vender
2011 LG Approved Vender ?
2004 Implemented RoHS and Green Products
2009 Acquired ISO 9001:2000 certification
2009 Acquired ISO 14000:2004 certification
2010 Implemented OHSAS18001
Product Lines
With proper guidance of worthy philosophies, we always reminding that provide our partners with highest quality services, continue to develop through innovative design and technologies to incorporate in all products.
The company business is categorized base on the development and manufacturing into three main groups:
LED lights
10W E27/B22 Bulb Light
36W E40 Street Lamp [patent: programmable dimmer (optional)]
5W MR16/GU10 Lamp Cup
11W/21W LED Tube Light [patent: Multiple-Choice of AC Input]
36W Ceiling Light [4 steps of light control with manual on/off switch]
36W/18W/10W Downlight
Wind-Solar Hybrid Energy Generation Systems
MPPT-based Energy Charging Controller
Green Energy Generators
Wind Turbines
Switching Power Supplies
AC-DC Power Supply and Adapter
LED driver

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